Turkey Tales

Yesterday Mark and I built a large pen for our seventeen turkeys (five big ones and twelve small ones.)  However, we herd them into their small pen every night to keep them safe from predators.  Turkeys like to sleep up off the ground at night so tonight Mark built a roost for them and put it inside their small pen.  We herded them in for the night then sat back and watched them discover their new roost.

The little ones didn’t hesitate a minute, they flew up to the low board and then up to the top in no time flat.

These little guys are about six weeks old.  They are heritage turkeys and don’t grow near as fast as the breeds which are bred to grow meaty fast.  The gray one is a Blue Slate, the brownish ones are Bourbon Reds and the white one is a Royal Palm.

We also have five Broad Breasted Bronze.  They are the fast growing variety that grow very quickly.  They are about three months old.  Here’s one of them enjoying a favorite treat from the garden, an ear of sweet corn.

It wasn’t long and they decided to try the new roost also. Home raised turkeys are so much fun.  It is unbelievable how tame they get.  They are so curious and will follow us everywhere we go inside their pen.

I plan on keeping some of the heritage breeds for a year round flock to raise our own baby turkeys.  The big ones will be dinner sometime, but it won’t be easy.  I shed many a tear as that day grows near, even though I know when I get them that I raise them for that purpose, but it gets harder every year.

Isn’t Tom a handsome fella?

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    1. Yes, they can fly very well. We clip one of their wings, the longest row of feathers down to the second row. This makes them unbalanced when they attempt to fly and that usually stops them from flying very high

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