Pot Roast for Hot Summer Days

When it’s too hot to use my oven, but I want to make baked potatoes or something  else,  I get out  the roaster oven I purchased at a garage sale.  It sits on my cabinet and doesn’t put out anywhere near the heat the oven would.  I know it uses less energy than the oven does, plus it doesn’t heat up the kitchen so the air-conditioner doesn’t have to work harder.  It will hold a decent size pan, so I can also cook small casseroles and other side dishes.  This morning I started a roast for lunch and viola, a scrumptious lunch and a cool kitchen to eat it in!

I browned the roast in a skillet, then placed it in an 8 x 12 pan.  I Slightly browned baby carrots, small onions and potatoes in the same skillet the roast browned in.  I placed them around the roast.  I then added about a cup of water to the skillet to get all the flavor from the browning and poured it on top of the roast.  Since it was summer and the herbs are growing, I picked a few sprigs of fresh thyme and sprinkled the leaves  on top, plus picked a couple of sprigs of rosemary and threw them in.  I then placed the pan  on the rack in the roaster, turned the dial to 350 for an hour or so, then turned it down to 275 for the remaining two hours.  Smells wonderful!   I think it’s time to call Mark to come in and eat!

2 thoughts on “Pot Roast for Hot Summer Days”

  1. Looks good! I made a loaf of bread this morning. Started it early since it was just 49 degrees this morning. It’s all done and cooling on the countertop. I think it would go good with your meal. 🙂

  2. Oh! 49 degrees! That sounds heavenly – although I shouldn’t complain, this summer has been such a blessing compared to last summer. I actually was thinking, I wish I would have also put a loaf of bread in the bread maker but thought of it too late.

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