A Tater Tale

Yesterday we got to see some of the fruits of our labor.  We decided to dig some potatoes.  Somehow I never got around to mulching all the potatoes this year and where I hadn’t, the foxtail grass we continually battle was thick.  Plus bugs had pretty much devoured all the leaves so I didn’t know what to expect.

Were we in for a surprise, we had a bumper crop!

Many were huge, like this one.

You always find the funny shaped one when you dig potatoes.  We’ve found some doosies in the past.  This is the only one we found yesterday.  We named him Shrek, even though we don’t know why his ears are so uneven.

We laid them in the shade, in a wooden box, on top of a small stock tank, to cure for a few days.  We pull the burlap bags at the top down over them.  Sun will still get through the burlap so it is important that they are placed in complete shade.

These are the ones we dug so far.  The others, we did manage to get mulched, and the bugs have left them alone, so we are going to let them continue to grow.  This was very early for us to be harvesting potatoes but the Lord literally gave us an extra month of spring this year and we got them in the ground earlier.  Now, to store them in a way they will keep.  As we were digging them, I said to Mark, “It’s a lot of work trying to grow all your own food,” and he answered, “Yeah, but it’s fun.”  I have to agree with him, it is!

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