Nothing Better Than Loads of Manure

We country folk can be a strange bunch.  Spent the day hauling loads of manure from a neighbor’s cattle lot to our garden.  And we are so grateful and excited to get it!  It does so much for the ground.  Adds organic material to it as well as the best fertilizer you could ever use and of course, it’s all natural.  Now my sandy soil looks black and rich as could be!  When my husband walked out with me after he’d spread and worked it in he said “Now it smells like sh_ _ out here!  I said, “Oh no, it smells like fresh vegetables to me!

Can’t hardly wait to start planting in it! My tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and melons have all been started in flats and are growing like crazy.  Usually we plant these around the end of April or first of May, because our average frost-free date isn’t until April 15th.  This year though, God has blessed us with an extra month of spring.  We haven’t had a frost since March 10th and there isn’t one in sight, at least not in the near future.  I’m very tempted to get them in the ground.  I think I’ll wait another week so I can get a peak at the seven-day outlook weather forecast and if it still says warm weather ahead, I’m going for it!

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